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P.J.Harvey - Dry - CD

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Her sensational debut album, 'Dry', was originally released in the salad days of 1992. 'Dry' introduced PJ Harvey as the brash leader and namesake of an English power trio. The raw, brutish delivery of this potent album is in stark contrast to the majority of the '90s' feminine rock movement, and established Harvey as one of the decade's most unique artists. Borrowing its primitive attack from post-punk guitar-rock and its form from the blues, 'Dry' is a forceful collection of emotional songs, highlighted by Harvey's deft lyricism and startling voice, as well as her trio's muscular sound.
Disc 1: Oh My Lover O Stella Dress Victory Happy & Bleeding Sheela-Na-Gig Hair Joe Plants & Rags Fountain Water

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