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Recorded between 1973 and 1985. Includes liner notes by Edward Sanders. This collection celebrates Frank Zappa, the cultural fly-in-the-ointment. It was assembled by the man himself in the last years of his life. The lyrics take on everything from Christians to Jews, and from record company executives to feminists. While raising hackles was often the end result with the dropping of these numbers onto the cultural landscape, Zappa's motivations were to point out hypocrisies and to prick over-inflated senses of self-importance. He preferred to separate fashion from true public needs (let's recall that in the '60s Zappa was one of the first to poke fun at the hippie movement, a strata it was perceived he was a part of). The accompanying liner notes are by Ed Sanders, founder of The Fugs and no stranger to controversy himself. He concludes by saying, ". we need a few Frank Zappas each generation to stand up for freedom against the torches."
Bobby Brown Goes Down [Remix] Disco Boy [Remix/Reconstructed] Goblin Girl [Vso'd To Slower Speed] In France [Remix] He's So Gay Can't Get Over You Titties And Beer [Different Edit] We're Turning Again [Remix] Dumb All Over [Live] Catholic Girls Dinah-Moe Humm [Remix/Reconstructed] Tinsel Town Rebellion [Live] Valley Girl Jewish Princess Yo Cats [Remix]

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