KORN - Chopped, Screwed, Live & Unglued (2CD+DVD)


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Remastered and repackaged with lyrics and straight from Satan's lair, the first 4 SLAYER releases, these are the album's that set the tone for extreme metal and spawned a gazillion imitators. Lets make NO MISTAKE, without Slayer their would be no SLIPKNOT, PANTERA, SEPULTURA, THE HAUNTED, the list is endless, if Black Sabbath are the God Fathers of Heavy Metal then Slayer are surely THE KINGS OF THRASH! "Show No Mercy", "Haunting the Chapel", "Live Undead" and "Hell Awaits" set the bench mark for all that is extreme. From the opening riff of Show No Mercy's "Evil Has No Boundaries" to the closing back masked message on "Hardening of the Arteries" from "Hell Awaits", that we all now know is "join us, join us join us" backwardsIt just doesn t get better than this. These 4 metal masterpieces were the groundbreaking pioneering releases that caused a entire movement that is still very much alive and "thrashing" today. These landmark releases represent the bands formative years on Metal Blade Records prior to signing to Rick Rubin's Def Jam label and producing what is possible the best thrash album ever made "Reign in Blood". 20 years on and Slayer have stayed true to their cause, never attempting to stray from the formular that has made them the ultimate metal band with a legion of fans that is second to none in the metal world.
Disc 1: Evil Has No Boundaries (189) Antichrist (169) Die by the Sword (216) Fight Till Death (217) Metal Storm/Face the Slayer (293) Black Magic (243) Tormentor (225) Final Command (152) Crionics (209) Show No Mercy (186)

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Tento produkt byl přidán dne Sobota 19. září 2009.

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