Michael Landau&Robben Ford/J.Haslip/G.Novak-Renegade Creation-CD

John Wetton/Geoffrey Downes - Acoustic TV Broadcast- DVD

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1. Voice of America [4:04] 2. Let Me Go [6:23] 3. Only Time Will Tell [5:03] 4. God Walks With Us [4:44] 5. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes [3:26] 6. Heat of the Moment [4:51] 7. Don't Cry [4:02] 8. Sole Survivor [5:05] 9. Meet Me at Midnight [2:32] 10. Open Your Eyes [5:21] 11. I Lay Down [3:56] 12. In the End [4:45] 13. Credits [1:05]
For music lovers who prefer their tunes to come unplugged, the Acoustic TV Broadcast release presents twelve live songs as performed by musicians John Wetton and Geoffrey Downes. In addition to performing twelve songs including "God Walks with Us," "Sole Survivor," and "Open Your Eyes," an exclusive interview with Big George and unseen footage from the sessions takes viewers backstage for a closer look at all the musical goings on. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

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