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Machine Head - Through the Ashes of Empires - CD

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On THROUGH THE ASHES OF EMPIRES, Machine Head delivers another potent dose of the group's signature blend of late-1980s thrash and Pantera-inspired alt-metal. This time around, though, the band takes frequent musical interludes from the sonic onslaught--a tinkling toy piano provides "Left Unfinished" with a nicely eerie, horror-film intro, while "Wipe Away the Tears" features a Black Flag-style spoken rant. In a few places, the ordinarily pummeling juggernaut that is Machine Head even gets downright melodic--"Shades of Night," for example, features vocal harmonies would fit right in on an Incubus disc. Longtime fans need not worry, though--THROUGH THE ASHES OF EMPIRES provides enough angst-laden growls and six-string shredding to keep heads banging, machine or otherwise.
Disc 1: In The Presence Of My Enemies Imperium Left Unfinished Bite The Bullet Descend The Shades Of Night Days Turn Blue To Grey Elegy Wipe The Tears All Falls Down Vim